San Rafael Family Photographer {In-home Anniversary Session}

Arden and Tod are, quite possibly, the sweetest couple I've ever met and it was an honor to spend some time with them as they prepare to celebrate 60 years of marriage. 


After meeting while taking a smoke break outside of the Art Department at San Francisco State University, it was love at first sight for Arden but Tod needed a little more time. Tod, a lifelong drummer, took notice after Arden began attending his shows and they soon had their first kiss. As the saying goes, the rest is history.


60 years, 3 daughters, and a lifetime of experiences later, their love is strong and visible. Throughout our session they were continually complimenting one another and cracking each other (and me!) up. Arden shared how Tod, to this day, leaves a flower on her bath towel while she's in the shower. I mean, come on, major #couplegoals! I asked the inevitable question of how they made it this far, this good. They agreed that taking life one day at a time was key, and Arden added: "He lets me get away with whatever I want, and I don't take advantage of it."